Michigan State University and the RDSTP are committed to promoting the inclusion and success of individuals from groups underrepresented in the sciences.  Through the MSU Women’s Resource Center, female trainees can participate in Women’s Networking activities to discuss such topics as Effective Networking, Creating Your Brand, Goal Setting and Achievement, and Communication Skills for Women. 

The Women’s Initiative for Leadership hosts events on campus to promote the advancement of women-identified leaders through leadership development, entrepreneurship and community service. The group is made up of student leaders from all different backgrounds and majors who come together to empower women to achieve their greatest leadership potential.  

The Successful Black Women (SBW) is a registered student organization at Michigan State University that is committed to its mission to assist in the overall academic success of SBW, which includes the retention and graduation rates for both undergraduate and graduate female students at MSU.

The Women’s Resource Center also connects interested trainees to resources related to academic diversity and diversity resources, gender-related resources, counseling resources, resources for disabled persons, and other support tools and organizations that will facilitate their trainee development as young professionals to ensure that they are well-equipped to interact productively with the research community and broader community and achieve success.