Christina Chan, MS, PhD

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College of Engineering

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


B.S. Columbia University, NY
M.S. University of Pennsylvania, PA
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania, PA


Our laboratory is focused on understanding the signaling and regulatory mechanisms that are altered in diseases, such as obesity, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. My group develops and applies metabolic engineering, bioinformatics, and systems biology approaches in combination with biochemical, biophysical, and molecular biology measurements and animal studies to identify targets and disease biomarkers. We are also developing polymeric-based drug delivery and tissue engineering platforms to modulate these pathways for treating these diseases.

Research Interests

Role of ER stress in diseases (cancer and AD)

Protein-lipid interactions

Use of crispr to reduce stem cell heterogeneity

Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering

Metabolic Engineering and Systems Biology

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