Ashley Severance

PhD in Genetics Program conferred summer 2018, now postdoctoral researcher Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Ashley Severance Research Description

Ms. Severance received her Bachelors degree from Albion College in 2010, and her Masters degree from Central Michigan University (CMU), where she studied germ cells in C. elegans. In her current studies, she examines oocyte spindle biology. Although the meiotic spindle is similar in some ways to the mitotic spindle, it has many meiosis-specific mechanisms controlling spindle formation and meiotic progression. She is interested in factors affecting spindle structure and function, which can result in aneuploidy if perturbed. My PhD research has involved in vitro maturation of mouse oocytes in a variety of conditions to determine the downstream affect on MI and MII spindle structure.

Recent conference presentations:

Severance AL, Latham, KE. 2016. “4E-BP1 Serine 65 phosphorylation at the meiotic spindle is responsive to Plk1” Michigan Alliance for Reproductive Technologies and Sciences, Ann Arbor, MI

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Ashley Severance Outreach Project Description

Ms. Severance began her Girl Scouts outreach program with the hope inspiring young women in science. Previously a Girl Scout, she understood the value of Girl Scouts and thought it would be the perfect medium to teach girls about being in STEM fields. During the activity, they perform DNA isolation, run a crime DNA gel, and make a DNA model. It is a new and fun experience for the girls. They talk about doing experiments, and about what it’s like to be a scientist.