Arianna Smith

Assistant Professor of Biology, Kenyon College

Arianna Smith Research Description

Dr. Smith received her B.S. in Biological Sciences from North Carolina State University and her Ph.D. in Genetics from Michigan State University. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Karen Racicot’s Lab at Michigan State University.  Her studies are aimed at elucidating the mechanisms by which maternal stress during pregnancy alters offspring asthma susceptibility. Using an experimental mouse model, the effect of maternal stress on immune cells in the progeny lung is being investigated.

Recent conference presentations:

Smith, A., Witte, E., Harkema, J., Jackson-Humbles, D., Knott, J., Racicot, K. 2016. Chronic maternal stress during pregnancy alters the microenvironment of the developing fetal lung and causes sex- specific changes in offspring allergic asthma response.  Michigan Alliance for Reproductive Technologies and Sciences Meeting

Smith, A., Witte, E., Harkema, J., Jackson-Humbles, D., Knott, J., Racicot, K. 2016. Stress hormone suppresses GM-CSF in the placenta via an epigenetic mechanism and affects the allergen response of female offspring. Annual Society for Studies of Reproduction Meeting

Arianna Smith Outreach Project Description

For the past six years, Dr. Smith has been a regular volunteer at the Michigan State Science Olympiad held at Michigan State University.  At the Science Olympiad, middle and high school students compete in STEM based activities.  She has volunteered for activities like Write It, Build It, an engineering focused competition or All in the Genes, a competition where students display an impressive body of knowledge on genetics.  Science Olympiad’s purpose is to inspire future scientists.