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Research Description:

Jeremy received his B.S. in Animal Science from Michigan State University. His research project focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms that result in placental cells intercellular communication and fusion defects. To address these questions, he will use a model of in vivo gestational chemical exposure and in vitro techniques, including primary cell culture, gap junction intercellular communication assays, and RNA sequencing.

Outreach Project

Jeremy’s outreach project focuses on educating children and their grandparents through MSU’s Grandparent’s University (GPU) program. Jeremy has newly developed and lead a course titled “Ultrasonography in Sheep: Is She Pregnant?”. In this course, 8-12-year old’s and their grandparents, most of whom are MSU alumni, learn about sheep reproduction and ultrasonography during pregnancy through hands-on engagement. All course participants had the opportunity to guide an ultrasound during veterinarian-supervised pregnancy exams. Jeremy plans to continue teaching through the GPU program and looks forward to next years’ sessions! See more about this year’s GPU session.