Kaitlin Karl


Kaitlin’s research addresses the development of more efficient superovulation techniques to improve oocyte/embryo collections in cattle that may also benefit assisted reproductive technologies in women, as well as to determine the mechanisms whereby excessive hormonal treatments during superovulation impair oocyte/embryo quality and survival. To achieve these goals, Kaitlin uses superovulating of small ovarian reserve heifers with various excessive doses of Folltropin-V, during which time daily ultrasonography and blood sampling will determine number and size of follicles and corpora lutea, uterine thickness, and circulating concentrations of reproductive hormones, as well as utilizing oocyte pick-up techniques to evaluate egg quality.

Recent Publications

Kaitlin Rose Karl, Fermin Jimenez-Krassel, Emily Gibbings, Janet Ireland, Zaramasina Clark, Robert Tempelman, Keith Latham, James Ireland. BIOLRE-2020-0438 - Negative Impact of Excessive Doses of Follicle-Stimulating Hormone During Superovulation on Ovulatory Follicle Function in Heifers.

kaitlin karl dairykaitlin karl cellOutreach Project

Kaitlin has volunteered at the MSU Great Dairy Adventure, which is an annual educational exhibition to help inform the public of all ages about bovine reproduction, common dairy practices, and milk production.