robin seay


Robin’s research focuses on the role of Bone Morphogenic Protein (BMP) signaling in the second cell fate decision of preimplantation embryos, which is essential for embryonic development and birth of healthy offspring. She hypothesizes that BMP signaling becomes active in the embryo at implantation, and at that point directs primitive endoderm cells toward a differentiated state by inhibiting FGF signaling. To test this hypothesis, Robin studies mammalian embryos that lack BMP signaling using immunofluorescence for signaling markers, and genomic analyses using RNA-seq and CUT&RUN to analyze BMP function and DNA-protein interactions.

Maximum projection confocal image of a E3.5 mouse embryo stained for E-cadherin (red) and the transcription factor CDX2 (green)Outreach Project

Robin is actively involved in Graduate Women in Science (GWIS), an organization that promotes diversity in STEM fields and encourages young women to pursue careers in science. Through GWIS, Robin has volunteered at multiple outreach events to promote children’s interest in STEM including Girl’s STEM Day, Darwin Discovery Day at the MSU Museum, and Girl's Math and Science Day. In addition, Robin is the Logistics Chair in organizing the 2021 GWIS National Conference, which will be hosted at MSU in 2021.